Tips and Tricks

Pro Tips for the Best Care Ever!

Tips and Tricks

Pro Tips for the Best Care Ever!

In order to improve your hedges’ growth,
it is important to take care of it as soon as it is planted on the ground.

This implies a yearly maintenance that will maintain its health. To make it easier for you, we are offering some advice regarding the care of your trees and your hedges.

When Should You Trim Your Hedges?

Yearly Trim

An annual trim can be done from the beginning of May to the end of October. Nonetheless, the sooner the trim is done, the quicker and the better the recovery of your hedges will be.

Severe Pruning

If you wish to proceed to a server trim, meaning the hemming of your hedges of over 2 ft in height, we advise you to perform it between April 1st and the end of June. This way, you hedges can recover quickly and we can execute the yearly trim soon after.

Good Habits for Healthy Hedges

Never prune your hedges severely before its desired height.
Never prune your hedges severely before it has reached its desired heights, it might delay its growth.
Trim your cedar a year after it was planted.
It is at this moment that it is strong and sturdy enough to go through a formation trim. With this, you are sure that your hedges will keep its ideal width and it improves its appearance.
It is recommended to trim your hedges at least once a year.
However, if you wish a more compact leafage, we advise you to cut it twice a year. With 2 trims a year, the density of your hedges is improved and your environment is not invaded by its leafage.
Never cut in your hedge’s old wood.
Never cut in your hedge’s old wood, because its regeneration is harder and may cause holes in them. It is always better to cut in the new growth.
Prefer conic or rounded shapes for your hedges.
A conic or rounded shape favour sunning and keeps it from any snow or ice damages.
In times of dryness, do not forget to water your hedges without being excessive.
Also, many cities schedule days and time for watering, communicate with your City Hall to get further information.
Keep all the blades of your cutting supplies sharp.
Call a professional sharpener in order to keep them fine.
Water your hedges generously
In order to eliminate accumulated dust and salt, water your hedges generously.
Spread granular fertilizer with high rate of azote on the ground, under the leafage and around each plant.
This will help you leafage to get to the desired density and greenness. Preferably, this should be done at the beginning of spring, in April or May. However, do not spread any more fertilizer after July 15 as it is the peaking point in your hedges’ growth.

Trimming Your Hedges Regulary, is it Really Important?

Yes, it is! Trimming your hedges regulary, meaning at least once a year, makes trimming easier and guarantees better results, for a healthier and good looking hedge!

Moreover, a regular cut facilitates to following trims allowing a more efficient work.

Video – Tricks for Your Hedges

Listen to Mélanie Grégoire presenting various types of cedar hedges and make your garden more intimate!

tips and tricks by Au Jardin ! by Mélanie Grégoire

Practical Tricks for the Care and Maintenance of Your Trees

Choose trimming to gove your trees specific shapes or dimensions.
Trimming is recommended if you wish to give your trees a specific shape or dimension.
Perform pruning during autumn or at the beginning of spring.
Perform pruning during autumn or at the beginning of spring, while the tree is still in its dormant state. However if you have a maple tree, a birch tree, a poplar tree or a walnut tree, it is advisable to do it during fall season.
Prune your tree as soon as possible.
Prune your tree as soon as possible, even during summertime, if you witness any broken, sick or parasitize branches. This way you reduce the chance of disease propagation.
Call a specialist to take care of your tree.

Call one of our specialists before choosing to take care of your tree. We can offer you other potential options.

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